Proud Parents

One of the areas I’m moving into is the idea of “pet photography”, more specifically, dogs, in fact, even more specifically “puppies”. The premise is that if parents will pay a large amount of money for pictures of their new born babies in baskets\hats\other ‘props’, why won’t the new parents of a puppy.

In order to do this of course, I need the beginnings of a portfolio, so I started putting the word out at my local pub, especially as there seems to be a number of proud parents showing off their bundle of fluff recently.

So far, I’ve photographed a 9 week old Jack Russel called Maisie, who was the perfect model, sat incredibly still most of the time, but did pee on the living room floor 🙂 The second was a bit more a handful, a bonkers cockapoo called Frankie. But in both cases I managed to get some ‘nice’ (but not yet “WOW”) shots that the respective parents seemed happy with.

Cockapoo, puppy,photography

Frankie the Cockapoo, may need a MUA next time!

It was an incredibly useful exercise, both from a technical perspective (getting the lighting right) and from a subject. In summary, it’s all about the preparation, getting the lights set up and metered before the subject arrives. Then working quickly, you have about 10-15 minutes maximum before the treats run out or the model gets bored and goes off sniffing something else.

It has been great fun though!


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