When you meet your heroes

Glyn, Annewiek & Frank

Glyn, Annewiek & Frank

Like many aspiring photographers I “follow” a number of photographers and photoshop professionals on social media. People that I look up to, who’s work and success I hope to replicate.My 17 yr old daughter, describes herself as a “fan-girl”, so I guess I’m a “middle-aged-fan-man” 🙂 Frank Doorhof  and Glyn Dewis are two such people.

I love Franks style of fashion photography, breaking lots of rules and creating a unique look that always makes you go “wow!”  I’ve watched countless videos on his approach to lighting, use of a light meter and getting that something extra out of a shoot. I’ve also poured over his book, absorbing as much as I can.

Glyn is an excellent trainer and his youtube videos provide such simple but effective tips and techniques in photoshop that are so easy to follow. I think I’ve watched every single one (there are over a 100) and my photoshop skills have improved immeasurably as a result.

On a couple of occasions I emailed both Glyn and Frank to ask advice or feedback on images and have been very surprised to  receive prompt and very helpful responses. There are others, that without naming names, are not as responsive, and have come across very dismissive.

Last week I went to my first “PTO” (photography training overseas) an annual event bringing together around 80 photographers and 8 trainers\ professionals for a week of education, entertainment and a seemingly endless drinking! One of  the main reasons I decided to attend was that both Frank and Glyn were training so it was like a being a teenager again, looking forward to meeting my idols, and hoping they live up to my expectations.

I needn’t of worried, it goes without saying that the training they provided was excellent, it is after all their job, and the reason they are successful. But the most important thing for me was that they are both genuinely really nice people, they aren’t pretentious, arrogant, or look down at other people in any way. Just regular guys, who enjoy a laugh and joke and share the same interests. Juliet (Mrs H) and I spent several evenings with Glyn, Frank and his wife, and had a great time and both of us found it very easy to get on with them all and I came away feeling as if I had made good “friends”, not in the social media sense, but in the real world, or at least as real as a week in Tenerife in January can be.


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