A journey into cyberspace

The title is actually a little confusing, I’d actually like to discuss my choices on this new blog and my portfolio site.

I’ve been considering creating a new portfolio for my work for some time, I previously had a custom website that I had written, with my own custom domain. However, that was ten years ago and it had become difficult to keep up to date and inflexible.

In those ten years obviously technology has moved on significantly and in particular a number of template based portfolio sites are available. The most widely known are smugmug and squarespace. I ended up choosing smugmug. The reasoning was simply that I preferred the template styles smugmug had. I had spent quite some time building a squarespace portfolio but there were a few scenario’s that I simply couldn’t get to work how I wanted. I found the wysiwyg editor buggy and ever so slightly annoying. Smugmug on the other hand whilst (on the face of it) less functional, allowed me to quickly get to what I was looking for. However, I have begun to find things that annoy me, in particular the way of adding a new page seems disconnected.

This blog is another example, I looked at both blogger and wordpress. Settling for wordpress simply because I struggled to turn off G+ info appearing by default. I know wordpress from my professional work so decided to go for it.

My problem, is that I know what I want to achieve, and have a ¬†reasonably strong vision of what I want to appear, but I didn’t want to go down the custom site route again, so it’s all about the compromises I am prepared to make from that picture for the sake of the chosen tool.

I’ll attempt to document more on my journey to building a meaningful presence over the coming months.


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